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felice zhukov is a inter disciplinary artist working between performance, sound, text and applied arts like drawing and textiles.. the core of her work centres on her very real and often clumsy attempts to unlock the meaning of her existence. this exploration tends to manifest into haphazard tautologies; mostly parading as rituals informed by religious rites and coming of age ceremonies.

the themes in her work are fluid and multitudinous, but commonly include and enshrine the plight of the loser, the question of how to define truth and what it really means to navigate within capitalism + the patriarchy. there can sometimes be a cringe-worthy lack of perfection in felice zhukov’s approach, things are rarely disguised or edited, missteps, technical problems, humiliation and imperfection feature very very very veyr beru very verhtr very very often.


in 2022 felice zhukov has taken to karl marx strasse neukoelln in search of karl, every month of the year she finds him, but then as a new month dawns she returns to the street to try to look for him again, each karl collects in her tree of karls and once found is digested through a diaspora of mediums; she paints his portrait, she sings to him on the radio, she sings to him at home, she writes for him and sporadically she even performs in his honour.

finding karl is an open diary, told through the telescope of karl.

the project is lovingly made into emails which are sent on a monthly basis to all on the list, you are most welcome to receive them too. just be sure to remember to tell me who you are, i know its not exactly normal in our hyper convenience culture to add yourself to a mailing list and be asked who you are, but this is not a normal mailing list, the whole thing is very analog and maintained by a human (me-felice), its a gift, this project is a gift i want to give you with love, and i want you to be able to tell me if something is too much, or if you want more etc.